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Filmmaker Interview with Saniya Sajjan and Babs Production

Filmmaker Interview by Chris Olson

Filmmaker Interview with Saniya Sajjan and Babs Production
Filmmaker Interview with Saniya Sajjan and Babs Production

Thanks for chatting with us. What were the origins of Babs Production?

Babs Production Ltd. was established in 2019 by Saniya Sajjan as an international and creative film production company, offering Michael Bowen, and other directors and producers an outlet for their movies.

The origins of Babs Production come from the love of cinema of the grandfather of Saniya Sajjan. Her grandfather used to be an important investor on the Bollywood scene which inspired Saniya as a child. Later, in her life when Babs Production comes to life Saniya decided that she would like to produce music videos which open her passion to filmmaking.

Through compelling storytelling, Babs Production connects an idea, a vision to the very people it’s been designed to serve. They produce world-class content with a focus on original, exciting stories, a place where ideas can be nurtured and produced in an exciting space with both new and established collaborators.

So far Babs Production has created three music videos and three feature-length films in various stages of production.

What is your role within the production company?

My role at Babs Production is a Project Manager. Despite the absence of that role on film production teams, a closer look at the responsibilities of a project manager and producer shows the similarities of the two roles. Project Manager defines as ‘the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities to meet the project requirements.’ Similarly, a producer is usually responsible for taking the project from development through to production and distribution.

The key responsibility of the producer is to secure funding, create an environment where everyone else can garnish and excel, while steering the film project from beginning to end by bringing together all the required elements and talents. Similarly, to the project manager, the producer is often the first person to get involved with the project. Producing a film can be a complex venture and many different people are involved. People like, scriptwriters, actors, directors, production and post-production crew, investors, bankers, broadcasters etc. marketing, sales distribution, and others.

What can you tell us about the films you have products?

We have produced two films titled ‘Placebo’ and ‘Kin’ both productions are entertaining brain teasers that will leave you on edge of your seat. We are also in pre-production for our upcoming film ‘Unmatched’ a dramatic thriller that considers relationships and lasting impact of a person.

How is your process different to other production companies?

We create personal stories and bring them into life, we believe in giving young talent opportunities in front and behind of the camera, developing relationships with them and helping them grow as an artist.

Where can people view your films?

We are in the process of looking into theatrical release and online platforms.

What do you think the challenges will be for the film industry in the next five years?

Maintaining an eco-friendly workspace on set.

How do you plan to address these?

We will follow eco-friendly methods on set such as recycling anything we use and using second-hand props.

Find out more about Babs Production here.



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