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Filmmaker Interview with Laura Kane

Updated: Jan 23

Interview by Chris Olson

Filmmaker Interview with Laura Kane
Filmmaker Interview with Laura Kane

Thank you so much for speaking with us. How have you been during the pandemic?

Thank you so much for having me. It has been an odd time for all of us for sure. During the pandemic, I wrote a script that was influenced by the global situation and we had an amazing international team working on it from four different continents.

You have racked up a lot of acting credits in many short films. What have been some of your favourites to work on and why?

I have been fortunate to act in various short films like Don’t Go! directed by Bader Al Shuaib & Mohit Panday, Lupita directed by Jose Feng, In the Body directed by Johannes Hochgatterer and Children of Ursus directed by Kevin Chua. A lot of these films have done well in film festivals, won awards and received official selection nominations, and I was very happy to collaborate with these talented filmmakers. Also, another film that I was a part of is It’s Who You Know directed by Ricky Rosario and one of the leading actresses was the Oscar, Bafta, Golden Globe and Emmy winning actress Cloris Leachman. Being able to see her work was definitely a great experience which I won’t forget.

Laura Kane
Laura Kane

One of your most recent short films is called Isolation Experiment. What can you tell us about that film?

Isolation Experiment is a suspenseful drama about a young woman Penny who decides to take a part in an experiment in which she has to stay isolated from the outside world for 15 days to finish the experiment successfully. In the film, Penny hears a voice through a vent and the voice belongs to another test subject, Vivian, played by Christin Muuli. The film plays a lot around the theme of what is real and what is not and how the test subjects are handling the pressure of staying isolated. We also have two sequels for this film that are coming up soon and we are in the pre-production phase right now.

Why did you want to be involved with this project?

I’m very invested in the story of the film and I love how it addresses the human psyche and how the understanding of what is real and what is not can get blurry in a person’s mind. I find the story also rather current as a lot of us have experienced what staying inside away from other people means during this pandemic. Also, we have an incredible group of people working on the film. In the cast we have Christin Muuli, Kevin Chua and Laura Gudiño and our wonderful producers are Diana Pérez Riveros and Kathleen Roy.

When and where can viewers watch Isolation Experiment?

We are in the post-production of the film at the moment and then starting its first film festival circuit soon after it has been finalized, so it’ll be some time before the film is released to the public. It’ll happen soon though I hope.

What’s next for you?

I’m definitely looking forward to more international work opportunities and I am also attached to a feature film called Manuel directed by Jose Feng.

Behind the Scenes: Laura Kane
Behind the Scenes: Laura Kane

Why do you make movies?

I love being part of this storytelling medium. As an actress working in films gives me an opportunity to have and create different kinds of experiences and hopefully convey those experiences to the viewer. Also making films is an enjoyable and fun process, especially when you are working together with a great and talented team.

Do you have a favourite film or filmmaker? If so, who and/or what are they?

Some of my favourite films are John Q, Inside Man and Don’t Look Up for example. In these films, the acting is obviously incredible and every other aspect of filmmaking has come together perfectly as well. In some, the main character is thrown into an impossible emotional situation and then in others, the story is so cleverly done that you want to watch the film over and over again.


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