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Filmmaker Interview with Anthony Kalmeta

Filmmaker Interview by Chris Olson

You recently won Best Director at our first film festival. How do you feel?

Filmmaker Anthony Kalmeta
Filmmaker Anthony Kalmeta

It's a tremendous honour to receive this award, there were a lot of incredible short films this year, all very well directed, and I'm thrilled to be among them. Overcast is my first short film and I feel humbled to have won. I feel very grateful to the UKFR Film Festival for converting their online platform to promote filmmakers such as myself.

For those who don't know, how would you describe Overcast to a new audience?

Overcast is a psychological-drama about a young 13-year-old boy whose mother mysteriously disappears, forcing him to question his father and his own memory to uncover the truth. The film is a deep dive into the protagonist's world, gradually submerging us in the disturbing reality of his broken family. The film achieves this, in part, through a blending of multiple genres.

Why did you want to tell this story?

One of the main aspects that drew me in when developing the script was the idea of parental manipulation and the effect it has on children who are still maturing. The material itself resonated with some of my own experiences growing up, which led to the creation of two worlds, one for each parent, in which the audience and the protagonist each uncover their own truth. This perceptual grey area is where the film gets its name, it signifies the tone and overarching significance of the story.

Still from short film Overcast
Still from short film Overcast

What were the challenges of getting the film made and out there?

During pre-production, one of the biggest challenges was finding the right actors who could realistically channel the emotions of the story. Connor Falk, who was 13 years-old at the time, was the most time consuming to find - a lot of phone calls were needed. But the wait was worth it, because none of the child actors we auditioned came close to his range and emotional maturity.

Behind the Scenes
Behind the Scenes

What's next for you?

I just wrapped principal photography on my next short film Echoes, a psychological deconstruction of a man trapped inside "the flicker," a time loop running parallel to the real world, causing him to come in contact with a woman living in real-time. I'll be posting more updates soon regarding the project on our website and social media pages.

Where can people watch Overcast?

You can watch Overcast now on either our website or on my personal Vimeo page (embedded below), and it will be broadcasted on DirectTV and cable very soon through our distribution partner.

What would you say if you were a dolphin?

If I were a dolphin, I'd say, "click click click - on the subscription for UKFR magazine now - click click click!"

Watch the full film below:


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