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Fatal Premonition short film

Directed by Ryan Crepack and David Esposito

Starring David Esposito, Dominik Zdzioch, Stephen Lo Biondo and Ryan Crepack

Short film review by Monica Jowett

Short film Fatal Premonition brings a mixture of emotions and genre to the table. Following two friends, one of whom has had a horrific dream that may or may not foreshadow his death; this short is a decent piece of filmmaking from the writer and director duo of Ryan Crepack and David Esposito.

The film starts with Landon (David Esposito) getting a new job he is very happy about, to the point of arrogance. His friend Ed (Ryan Crepack) is waiting to hear the news, and Ed also turns out to be Landon’s employee at his job. Though this should be a happy moment for the two friends, Ed does not look pleased, and is particularly put off by Landon’s arrogance.

The character of Landon is difficult to like from the first time he appears on screen. His arrogance about his new job becomes wearisome, and his friends feel that way too. He repeats how lucky he is in his life which starts to become another annoying aspect to his personality. Yet he has intrigue – you want to know if he will come to his senses about the irritating attitude he has towards his friends and his life.

Certain moments throughout the short film reference a mysterious man. We slowly learn who the man is and the possible threat he poses to Ed and Landon in particular, and in this slow revelation we realise the thrilling and suspenseful side of the film and the reason behind the dramatic title. Landon has a dream that he dismisses at first then begins to understand could lead to his death through his action and interaction with the strange man.

There is a crossover with humour throughout the film. Whether it is fully intended by the filmmakers or not, Fatal Premonition is humorous at times due to the relationship between the characters of Landon and Ed. Their grudging dislike and indifferent feelings for one another create great humour in the strangest of situation, which gives the film a surprising edge.

Fatal Premonition is a difficult film to pin down to one genre, and though the acting feels stiff, it is a short film that does justice to the form.


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