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Everybody's Talking About Jamie trailer

Film Feature by Chris Olson

With the success of Hamilton on the Disney+ platform, this cinematic version of the popular stage play Everybody's Talking About Jamie comes as no surprise. Currently slated for UK release in February 2021, you can watch the Everybody's Talking About Jamie trailer below:

The film is being directed by Jonathan Butterell, whose filmography includes no other directing credits. He was the choreographer on Finding Neverland [2004] though, which may be more important given the genre of this Disney film.

Playing the titular role of Jamie will be Max Hardwood, again in his first credited outing. Should audiences be worried that the Everybody's Talking About Jamie main players are unheard of? Let us know what you think.

As with all our movie trailers, please share far and wide - you know the game by now, I don't need to tell you.



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