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Eazy Meets short film review


Directed by: #GraceWilliams

Written by: Grace Willians, #LeeChristian


Eazy Meets short film review
Eazy Meets short film review

Agatha Christie had a neat trick when plotting a story; she might give you the solution within five minutes if you watched carefully; but then quickly snatch it away and take you off in a completely different direction. Misdirection is a useful tool in a scriptwriter’s box of tricks and draws the audience into a web of possibilities.

While short film Eazy Meets gets the first part of the equation it completely disregards the remaining element. Molly and Richard (Tabitha Cox and Steve Hay) are a middle-class couple living in a cosy suburban environment. They are both foodies with contrasting tastes; Molly is vegan and Richard a carnivore as they fussily edge around each other in the kitchen. Although their occupations are never specified, Molly goes out to work while Richard apparently works from home.

Richard’s attention soon wanders as he logs onto the ‘Eazy Meets’ dating website. Various women visit and Richard leads them to a private padlocked room in their home. Molly is preoccupied with an assessment at work and barely notices Richard. Until one day Molly comes home unexpectedly and finds him in a compromising position.

The key to this story was blown in five minutes because they made no attempt to divert the viewer’s attention. It was blindingly obvious what was going on and where it was heading. Blatant signposting destroys any concept of drama and suspense it might have had.

The dialogue is largely meaningless and does little to drive the plot forward. Conversations such as they are focus on food, and Molly’s annoyance that Richard has forgotten the shopping. Whilst the leading actors are engaging they are used to little practical effect.

A middle-class couple living in suburbia might hide a multitude of sins; but there are more interesting ways of bringing out the dark side.



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