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Bench short film

Starring Christopher Law & Jack McKenna Short Film Review by Lorenzo Lombardi

Losing a friend is tough, especially when considering a close friend. This short film, Bench, is a heart-warming tale of a man coping with this sort of loss and ultimately overcoming it.

Bench short film

The short film, from Red Kite Films, immediately opens with a tracking shot of a man on a bench. Audiences will instantly connect with his grief through Christopher Law’s empathetic performance. Another man soon accompanies him --- his passed friend.

As mentioned earlier, Christopher Law’s performance is especially emotional. He conveys grief in a very relatable way --- occasionally showing anger at reminiscing about better times. The incarnation of his friend, spirit or otherwise, is also played to quality by Jack McKenna. McKenna conveys a sense of calm and benevolence that makes his character stand out.

This relationship feels real and long established, and the dialogue meshes well between these two characters. Although it would have perhaps been more beneficial to the film if the audience were treated to some emotive flashbacks or something similar in order to fully develop an understanding of their relationship and everything it goes through.

Letters From the Past, the orchestral song used for Bench, is a beautiful and crushing substitute for the emotions on display here. The song’s high rising strings, spacey electronic notes, and gentle piano tones give a welcoming and almost spiritual feel alongside the lush backdrop of a park that these two friends are reminiscing in.

Bench is a tearful but uplifting short film that is both optimistic about death and therapeutic with moving on. Watch it for a pick-me-up about two friends giving one last meaningful farewell.

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