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Riders of Justice Brand New Trailer

Brand New Trailer for Riders of Justice

The film will be released in cinemas by Vertigo Releasing on Friday 23rd July.

Highly trained military veteran Markus returns home to care for his daughter after his wife dies in a tragic train accident. Meanwhile a survivor of the explosion, mathematics geek Otto, becomes convinced that the incident was part of an assassination plot involving dangerous crime gangs. When Otto and his hacker friends, Lennart and Emmenthaler, decide to confront the short-fused Markus with their suspicions, a chain of events begins which leads the mismatched group into a violent and ill-conceived revenge mission.

"Frequently zany and comedically dark, Jensen’s Riders of Justice is also full of soul. Grief is explored in a multi-faceted way rather than a quick group crying session. Mads Mikkelsen may be a standout here, but the whole cast brings a dynamism which creates a perfectly bittersweet story."


Lucy Clarke, UK Film Review

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