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Your Color film review


Directed by: Maria Diane Ventura

Written by: Maria Diane Ventura

Starring: Nyamandi Adrian, Jannik Schumann, Juan Carlos Lo Sasso, Naomi Krauss, Romina Kuper

Poster for Your Color showing protagonists.
Poster for Your Color

Two young friends decide to relocate from Germany to Barcelona. The move ends up having very unfortunate consequences.

Albert (Adrian) and Karl (Schumann) are teenage friends, who have had enough of their lives in Germany and decide to move together to Barcelona, in the hope of making a fresh start. At first, things go well. They find an apartment, meet people and enjoy the things their chosen city has to offer. However, while Karl has found a good job, Albert, on the other hand, is unable to motivate himself to do the same and gets involved with a criminal named Julio (Sasso). Eventually, Albert goes downhill and his friendship with Karl deteriorates.

This tragic story is also known as Deine Farbe and explores themes of self-discovery, friendship, social inequality, loss and drug dealing. It also shows the devastating results if people go off the rails and lose themselves. The film begins with happiness and innocence, as it presents two carefree young boys with dreams. Things take a turn for the worse as Albert becomes lost and starts taking and dealing drugs.

Although Albert and Karl are friends, they are quite different. Karl comes from a stable, wealthy family, while Albert is from a broken home and has an unsteady relationship with his mother (Krauss). Karl is in control of himself and is determined to succeed. Albert is more vulnerable and is easily influenced by his surroundings, resulting in him going through significant character development.

Although this is a sad movie, it captures the beauty of Barcelona through the use of wonderful establishing shots, paints a positive image of life in that city and indicates that generally life there is good.

An interesting filming technique that is often utilized here is scenes that are shown through a video camera's point of view, which occurs when the two protagonists film each other, hoping to one day become famous through their material.

Basically, Your Color is a story about the downfall of a well-meaning but careless youth. It presents a tale of relocation that begins with the best of intentions, but does not turn out the way the heroes wanted it to. Its message appears to be that people should appreciate what they have, must not ignore the ones who care for them and must not get involved with the wrong individuals.


Trailer for Your Color:


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