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With You I Found Me (2022) Short Film Review


Directed by: #BrylleGaviola

Written by: #MyDo


When Minh loses his fiancé, he reunites with a family he hasn't seen in years and a sister that's recently out of rehab.

Philippine born director Brylle Gaviola and writer/star My Do come together to present a short twenty minute drama, filmed in Los Angeles, California. Minh (Do) has been estranged from his family for some time and, feeling hesitant to meet with them again, he brings Ian’s sister, Su (Hooks) to accompany him. The reunion begins well, with Minh’s sister Rose (Michelle Park) accepting them both with open arms, only for the arrival of Lin (Abbey Rey) to stir tensions to a breaking point.

The moment when Lin walks in to the dining room is very well realised through Gaviola’s inspired direction, with the camera spinning from an over shoulder shot to facing the actress. The uncomfortable suspense and unresolved issues are foreshadowed between the family through Lin’s arrival and many truths come to light during a tense conversation over dinner. The scene is acted well by all involved as brother and sister explode on each other and go their own separate ways to cool off.

With You, I Found Me is an effective examination of a dysfunctional family trying to reconnect with each other following the fallout of a terrible tragedy. This intimate narrative will surely connect with many viewers for its identifiable characters and relatable situation the family finds themselves in, coming to terms with loss and a family member recovering from recent rehab. We get a good understanding of the dynamic between the cast, although it would have been nice to see more before the fallout, with the classic ‘show, don’t tell’ being utilised more.

The film can often be too sentimental and tries too hard to emotionally involve viewers in the family drama, instead of relying on the performers. A tender scene towards the end of the short shows Minh and Lin reconciling by openly discussing their problems, only for sister Rose to overhear and walk in to initiate a group hug. This moment may have been stronger if brother and sister embraced without any onlookers, however, the film does have a touching ending with Minh listening to a heartfelt voicemail from his fiancé, Ian (Charisma).

Overall, With You I Found Me is an insightful exploration of relatable family dynamics which are bound to resonate with many. The short is directed well and features good performances, but may have made a stronger impression with more development in its screenplay.



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