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When Pigs Fly - Short Film Review


Directed by: #Kevin Meggs

Written by: #Kevin Meggs

Starring: #Aaron Browne #Isobel Lynch #Fran Meggs #Eddie Meggs

Press-kit poster for When Pigs Fly, 2020

The first thing to say about any film at this point in a director's career is that if it shows promise, which When Pigs Fly does, it is worthy of praise. The second thing to mention is that praise is not worth much if it comes lightly, and at this point, an early point, criticism is worth a lot more.

The camerawork is admirable, with well-timed edits for comedic effect. It seems director Kevin Meggs has seen his fair share of cartoons and understands that the dramatic close-up is a key method for displaying dramatic comedy and emphasising comic timing.

However, one fault will stand out to the viewer when watching When Pigs Fly, a fault that is so often the undoing of an otherwise well-put together and entertaining independent film. That fault is sound design. Inconsistent sound levels draw the viewer out of the word of the film more than any other flaw. Sound is actually more convincing than visuals when it comes to creating a film that feels like a film. Similarly, the stock soundtracks of bygone films can be funny for a short time, but feel cliched after so many general listenings in the wider world, and will always be limited to their sources.

Isobel Lynch in the female lead brings a solid and characterful performance to the role of the rebellious daughter, promising in the naturalistic acting, but still a little stiff at times. The dynamic between the family as a whole is as entertaining to watch as it is invitingly earnest, but could benefit especially from more directorial force.

At sixteen minutes long, it is quite safe to say that the film could have have been improved with more and stricter cutting, and the humour would have a longer-lasting effect this way also. But as it stands, the comedy is often fast-paced.

The film is overall a very promising short from a young independent Irish film-maker, and showcases the abilities of the young actors well. It bodes well for future releases from this director, especially with greater maturity and film-making experience. With these two things, the films Meggs and company generate in coming years could be brought to an entertaining peak.


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