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West Winds short film review


Directed by: Matthew Thomas Ross

Written by: Matthew Thomas Ross

Starring: Holland Andrews

Poster for West Winds showing protagonist and landscape.
Poster for West Winds

In a post-apocalyptic world, a sole traveler encounters a dog, developing a beautiful bond.

A woman (Andrews) is traveling on foot through isolated beaches, picking up whatever she can find that might be useful, such as clothes and food. She has a gas mask in order to protect herself against hazardous substances that are in the air. She then crosses paths with a stray dog, who becomes her friend and traveling companion. Things are looking up for the two of them, however tragedy will come their way.

This short is a poignant post-apocalyptic drama, that deals with survival, desperation, loneliness, loss and hope. It tells the emotional story of a woman's journey in a world that has become very dangerous.

The heroine is the only person seen in the film and naturally there is not a great deal of spoken words. No explanation is offered regarding how things turned upside down. What is known is that whatever is now in the atmosphere, it is lethal, requiring people to focus on the activities of the wind, in order to stay safe.

Andrews delivers a touching performance as a lonely and desperate individual, trying to stay alive in a cold, hostile world. Her appearance is unkempt, she has learned how to take care of herself and is overjoyed when the dog enters her life.

Although the story takes place in a dangerous world, the mood becomes uplifting with the arrival of the dog. It brings joy to the protagonist and she cares for it. The film highlights her newfound happiness by including a heartwarming montage of her interacting and playing with it.

Paulius Kontijevas contributes stunning cinematography and Ross does a terrific job as the director, creating wonderful establishing shots of beaches and the ocean. Ross and Hanna Hagen worked on the editing and the result is impressive.

Kyle Morton's score is tense, emotional and beautiful, developing a dramatic atmosphere. The filmmakers also utilize the sound of waves rather effectively.

West Winds is a dark, sad story that takes place in an unforgiving world. However, it also shows the brighter things in life and has moments of tenderness. With an intriguing plot, strong acting and captivating shots, this achievement deserves a lot of praise.


Trailer for West Winds:


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