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Watch short films online for free UK

Movie News Feature by Chris Olson, Editor

As one of the leading providers of short film reviews in the UK, we are often asked where audiences can watch these movies. And more often than not we have to reply, "We dunno...". The screeners we get given are private and the reviews are often taking place before a film is released at festivals or for distribution.


We have recently launch the UK Film Channel, a place where you can watch short films online for free in the UK.

UK Film Channel

What films will be included?

Well, this is up to the filmmakers. Not all of the films end up being for public viewing, and some require payments. At this stage, we are only looking to host short films and indie features that are free for public viewing. That way there is no need for any subscription. Subscription-free viewing people!

The films that do end up on the UK Film Channel will also benefit from one of our reviews. That way you can see what the UK Film Review verdict is before viewing the short. You can then see if you agree and let us/the filmmakers know. Although, please be nice and gentle with your feedback, as we don't want any hurt feelings.

What else will go on the UK Film Channel?

We are hoping to become the Netflix of short films and indie features in the UK. So basically, we want to add a hell of a lot of movies from a range of filmmakers in the UK and internationally.

From time to time we may also create special features or place video interviews on the channel.

How can people stay updated?

Aside from being on the website 24/7 (which we strongly recommend), you can also find us on Twitter @UKFReview and Facebook @UKFilmReview, where we will be making announcements about additions to the UK Film Channel.

Please keep sending us feedback on any past reviews we have done where you would like to know where you can watch that short film online for free. We will endeavour to get in touch with the people involved to see if they would like to be added. Failing that, we may be able to add the trailer as well as details of where the full film can be found.


If you are a filmmaker and would like to submit your movie to the



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