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Waiting short film review


Directed by: Anthony Hett

Written by: Anthony Hett

Starring: Cleo Sylvestre

Still from Waiting shows actress Cleo Sylvestre
Still from short film Waiting

Words can be powerful. However it is sometimes said that actions speak louder than words. Such is the case in Anthony Hett's short drama Waiting, which focuses on a day in the life of Frederica, played by Cleo Sylvestre.

The film begins with Frederica getting ready to go out. She puts on a wig and jewellery, applies make-up, puts on her shoes, grabs a coat and goes out. She is then seen waiting at a bus stop. She observes people and buses come and go but never gets on a bus herself. She remains at the same location, for reasons that appear unknown. Eventually it starts getting dark, when a woman arrives and kindly escorts Frederica back home. That woman is wearing a carer uniform, giving the impression that Frederica has a condition, probably dementia. The next morning she gets up and prepares to go out just as she did before, putting on the same clothing and jewellery.

As mentioned this a silent film in the sense that it contains no spoken words, leaving the audience to interpret the images. The world is viewed through the protagonist's eyes and the lack of words and silence seems to represent the loneliness and isolation that she experiences.

Hett depicts her actions in great detail. He uses closeups of her applying her make-up, putting on jewellery and her shoes. When she is at the bus stop, the camera focuses primarily on her face. This makes it clear that she is the most important thing in this story. He also gives the viewer the idea that the main character's actions in the film are what she does day after day.

Sylvestre delivers a convincing performance as a person who appears to be isolated and confused. During the film her expression never changes, regardless of where she is or what she is doing, making it hard to comprehend her emotions.

Overall Hett has created a piece of work that is worthy of recognition and will provide a thoughtful experience.



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