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Visability‌ ‌Film‌ ‌Festival‌ ‌launch‌ ‌celebrates‌ ‌daring‌ ‌styles‌ ‌and‌ ‌unique‌ ‌voices

  • For £5 the festival provides: 15 shorts across two programmes (Side A: Tooth and Side B: Claw), one feature length film, an industry talks section, Official Selection director Q&As, and access to the nominated scripts for the 'VFF Best Script’ Award.

  • The programmes feature UK premieres, the winner of Norwich Film Festival 2020's Best Student Film award, and a BFI Future Film Festival 2021 Best Film nominee.

  • Attendees to the festival will also be invited to the online workshop: Enhancing Accessibility Through Creativity, ran by accessible arts charity & festival sponsor, ‘Rationale Arts’ on March 28th

A new film festival aimed at raising the profile of female-identifying, as well as disabled and neurodiverse filmmakers, launches on February 13th, sponsored by Rationale Arts and FLTV. Founded by school friends Sam Briggs and Joey Szabo-Hemmings, ‘Visability Film Festival’ looks to celebrate daring styles and unique voices, whilst donating 50% of festival profits to – a disabled-led visual arts organisation. Inspired by the 5050X2020 film festival movement, half of the Official Selection’s directors identify as female, whilst over a third are made by neurodiverse or disabled identifying artists.

Featured in the programme are: Divine Decadence, Darling – a Cabaret exploring taboos on disability, body, and sexuality – My Name is Souleyman – a documentary about living with the deteriorative retinal condition, RP – and Pennywort – a BFI network funded exploration of life as a young neurodiverse artist. Also included are Norwich Film Festival 2020’s Best Student film winner: To The Dusty Sea, and BFI Future Film Festival 2021’s Best Film Nominee: Bulldog.

Commenting, Visability Film Festival Co-Director Sam Briggs said:

"The Visability Film Festival was founded during lockdown with a simple goal: to celebrate daring styles and unique voices in cinema. We've been blown away by the standard of submissions in our first year and believe our final selection caters for Sunday sofa streamers and seasoned cinephiles alike".

Watch the trailer for the Visability Film Festival:



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