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Untraceable short film


Directed by: #KieranAEgan

Starring: #JohnAult, Kieran A. Egan, #LucyPeake, #DanielBirchall and #SadieSWilliams

Short Film Review by: #RachelPullen


Untraceable short film
Untraceable short film


Being a detective is hard right? You got to do paperwork and solve crimes, you have to wear trench coats and have a glass wait that’s just Columbo. But my point is it’s not all driving fast cars and firing guns out the window at the Mcdonald's drive through.

Untraceable is a #shortfilm and is the story of two detectives who are hot on the case of a serial killer, a David Berkowitz type [and if you don’t know who that is, for shame, go Google your serial killers right now] who runs around popping caps into people’s brain areas, or to use the scientific term...heads.

These detectives are worn out, stretched thin, neglecting their wives and sleeping on the couches of their office, but displaying 100% dedication to solving this crime, it’s alluding them, and like great detectives before them [Columbo?] they won’t let it beat them.

Detective Nick takes an evening off to take his co worker’s wife out for dinner [at his request of course, John is well busy solving crimes, too busy for nutrition and marital sex] so detective John can chase an important lead, one that will eventually lead him to the culprit of these vile murders.

Now I could spoil it for you, tell you who it is and I’s detective Nick!!! He did the shootings of the brain region, and while that may seem like an obvious play out for crime dramas, I actually didn’t see it coming, there is no sly eye glances from detective Nick, no sweating under the collar at the crime scenes, you really don’t suspect a thing. He is cool as a cucumber.

So let’s now put on our film critic hats and take a deeper look at Untraceable, a film so clearly on a budget, so clearly a student attempt to delve into the world of #filmnoir, a film that has inconsistent audio, some questionable acting skills and one-liners that I’m not sure if I should laugh at or not. So, with this being the case, why do I love it so much?

I’m a sucker for anything that has reality, throws away the glamour of Hollywood, and also just goes full ham, no holds barred, and this is Untraceable. On a budget with limited skills, but going balls to the wall, and for that I give it kudos.

The storyline is there, with good potential, some of the shots are well thought out, showing promise to director and actor Kieran A.Egan’s skill set. So despite all its flaws, which I felt added to the charm, Untraceable is an enjoyable watch, a touch campy in places, a little shabby around the edges, but a diamond in the rough to say the least.

So now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to iron my trench coat and polish my glass eye, I have a date with my friend’s wife to dress up for.



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