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Unbridaled Short Film Review


Directed by: #ChelseaBrynLockie


Unbridaled is a hilarious, girl power fuelled short film that follows two best friends, Maxie, and Catherine, who are also stepsisters. The premise is simple: a bride and bridesmaid, stuck in the middle of a forest, hungover, disorientated and no idea how to get home…oh, did I mention this is on the day of the wedding! This piece draws inspiration from the fantastic Hangover franchise and influenced by the eccentric wit from Bridesmaids, both films are great comedy golds. This film focuses on a typical social ritual that many people experience and that is the hen and bachelorette party. However, although many of us expect copious amounts of alcohol, a kebab at the end of the night and hangover that completely wipes you out. Unbridaled takes the idea of a hangover to the extreme and an out-of-control bachelorette becomes the source of nightmares for bride Catherine. It is up to maid of honour Maxie to get things back on track, but will their sisterhood remain intact by the end of this adventure?

Opening with the two girls stranded in the middle of a forest was immediately captivating for our audience. Unaware of the previous night’s antics, we can slowly piece together the movements of the two sisters and soon discover that drugs are the source of this chaotic mayhem. Catherine is determined to make it to her wedding, but Maxie seems to have other ideas and attempts to sabotage the day as she feels she is losing her sister. Unbridaled, although wacky, does in fact highlight themes of sisterhood, friendship, and balancing this with relationships with new partners. This combination of drama and comedy was a big strength to this film and the performances from Simpson and Goodman was a great dynamic and perfectly created this Ying and Yang duo and emphasised both the confrontational side and heartening attributes which come with a sister relationship.

Director Chelsea Bryn Lockie kept this film light-hearted and extremely entertaining. There were certainly some mad moments interspersed throughout, such as the girls accidentally coming across a nudist colony…an everyday occurrence, I’m sure! However, it was amusing and made me laugh with its cliché members out and about, playing badminton. The most awkward game known to man and possibly the worst sport which can make you look the most unattractive especially when naked. Not sure what it is about nudist colonies that seem to attract badminton enthusiasts, but it did make for a hysterical watch.

This was a marvellously enjoyable film with two strong female leads that had the perfect chemistry to create a fabulous, feel-good film. You’ll laugh, cringe, and see a few wobbly bits along the way what more could you want from a film.


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