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Trolley short film review


Directed by: #OscarAdams

Written by: #OscarAdams



Oscar Adams’ fantastic short tale of star-crossed lovers is a 12-minute, tear-jerking piece of #cinematic wonder.

Being trapped in an unloving and unhappy relationship brings Jonathan and Eloisa into a chance encounter in a coffee shop. The language barrier (Eloisa being #Spanish) initially causes friction. But Jonathan clearly feels a connection with Eloisa and takes her the coffee she was struggling to order. This small gesture of kindness sees the two embark upon a day-long #romance; in which they discover love is a language of its own.

The initial difficulties between the two caused by the language barrier are well displayed here by both Wilson and Saenz. What is, perhaps, more impressive is the incredibly well-presented chemistry between our leads. An understated affair; one told more through a glance and a gaze than dialogue. Both actors excel here and neither one of them ever put a foot wrong. In fact, the only time the film encounters problems is during a few moments of dialogue; which can feel forced at times. Indeed, Trolley says it best when it says nothing at all.

That doesn’t in any way mean the script or dialogue is bad, far from it, it’s just not the film’s strong point. The characters, on-the-other-hand, are thoroughly well-written and standout from the usual clichés found in such films.

The wonderful soundtrack supports the narrative and sets the mood for the film, whilst Samira Oberberg’s stunning #cinematography radiates with beauty. With the slow cutting of shots which switch between scenic and close-up ensuring we never miss a glance, glint of the eye or day-to-day splendour that surrounds us.

Trolley's storyline plays out like a #Shakespearean tragedy; a 12-minute long, contemporary Romeo & Juliet if you will—just without all the death. But whilst this fleeting #romance is at the heart of the film, there’s much more going on here. Themes of #regret, #loneliness and missed opportunities all run through the film’s veins; providing the lifeblood on which it flourishes.

Trolley is a well-written, well-acted and well-presented piece of #filmmaking. A shining display of brilliance that any #filmmaker should strive to achieve. Of course, it isn’t perfect, no film is; but the few problems it has are negligible and didn’t spoil my enjoyment of this wonderfully thought-provoking and #moving film.


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