Trick Shot short film review


Directed by: Christopher Deans

Written by: Christopher Deans

Starring: Paul Findlay, Dominic Thompson, Brian Marks

Film Review by: Jason Knight

Poster for Trick Shot

Three men are in a room with a bomb they intend to use and end up arguing, and doubting each other and their goals.

It is the eve of the Good Friday Agreement and after a brief news report audio, the three protagonists are introduced: Gerry, Bobby and Michael. They are members of the IRA and are planning a bombing. They are inside a safehouse and have placed a bomb inside a billiard table. After Gerry shows off his billiard skills and performs an action that should had made the bomb explode, the three of them begin to suspect each other of treachery and speculate that it might be a sign that they must not proceed with their intentions.

This short dramedy mixes a very serious situation, a bunch of people planning an unspeakable act, with humour. The comedy exists primarily during the first half, as Gerry expresses his enthusiasm for billiards, treats the exploding device like a toy and makes a bet with Michael that he can perform an awesome trick shot. The mood becomes a lot more serious after the trick shot has been done and the device does not go off, causing the characters to lose faith in each other and end the story on a heart-stopping cliffhanger.

The entire narrative takes place in their hideout, in real time and it is rather interesting and amusing to watch the protagonists being friendly with each other at first, then turning on each other.

All three characters deliver great performances as individuals affiliated to the IRA. Findlay is the one who stands out the most, enthusiastically expressing his love for billiards and then his anger towards his associate, due to their lack of faith in their cause.

Regarding the music, the song What's Left of the Flag by Flogging Molly is played during the closing credits and ends the film perfectly.

Trick Shot deserves a great deal of praise. Very well acted, with clever dialogue and an intruiging plot, it offers an experience worth pursuing.