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Tribe: The Untold Story of The Making of Vice Cops short film review


Directed by: Manuel Alejandro Vargas

Written by: Mick Primmer, Manuel Alejandro Vargas

Starring: Thomas Burke, Xavier Alvarado, Mick Primmer, Manuel Alejandro Vargas, Daniel Grisak

Poster for Tribe: The Untold Story of The Making of Vice Cops showing protagonists.
Tribe: The Untold Story of The Making of Vice Cops

Time to go back in time and revisit the glorious days of eighties action films. Two filmmakers have come up with an idea for a script that they believe is going to be fantastic.

These two filmmakers are Miguel (Vargas) and Richie (Primmer). One day they are at home, trying to write a screenplay. They end up spending the day watching action films from the eighties and this inspires them to create a buddy cop action film that is going to be heavily influenced by similar films of the eighties, particularly the Lethal Weapon films. They notify their investor (Grisak) about their plans and the ball start rolling.

The film then cuts to a trailer of their idea. The concept evolves around two unstoppable cops who are determined to fight crime. These heroes are: Rex Spade (Burke) and Morgan Armstrong (Alvarado). They are shown chasing bad guys, shooting them, beating them and arresting them. Guns, blood, explosions, what more could anyone want from an action film? And Spade is also mentally unstable and suicidal, like Mel Gibson's character in Lethal Weapon.

This short is a pleasure to watch from start to finish and does a great job in resurrecting the spirit of the eighties action movies. The best part is undoubtedly the action scenes. The trailer contains many scenes of the two hero cops fighting bad guys. Both have a no-nonsense attitude and eliminate criminals like they were nothing. And it is all done in a humorous way. The interesting cinematography makes the footage resemble the eighties and so does the camerawork. The trailer's narrator is very enthusiastic and entertaining, and the sound of his voice gives the impression that it was recorded decades ago. The clothing that the cops and crooks wear looks great and also appears to belong in the eighties. All of the protagonists, including the filmmakers at the beginning, deliver entertaining performances, and it is clear that they are having a lot of fun with their characters.

During the part that shows the filmmakers, nondiegetic letters are used in order to inform the audience about the situations, including a childish, fairy-tale-sounding music, which adds a comical tone. It is worth mentioning that the track used during the closing credits ends the film brilliantly. The film also utilizes freeze-frame and wipe editing techniques to great effect.

This short is very entertaining and pays homage to eighties buddy cop action films. Worthy of a lot of praise and recognition, this achievement should not be missed.




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