Titus & Mirabella - Short Film Review


Written & Directed by: #MelaniaCrisan

Starring: #AxelMoustache, #MelaniaCrisan, #NicholasBach

Short Film Review by Taryll Baker

Still from Titus & Mirabella

Titus & Mirabella is romantic comedy about the first date between two people who have never had a relationship before but who desperately want one. A movie about fear and love.

There’s something about simple love stories. I don’t know what it is, but almost every single time, they win me over. For Titus & Mirabella, it’s no different. Melania Crisan’s new short film wedges slapstick comedy into a blooming romance, with the visual feel of a cinema classic. In just under twenty minutes, we join Titus (Axel Moustache) and Mirabella (Melania Crisan) on their first date. Not just their first date with each other, but their first dates, period. Taking the comedic route for the telling of this story was a splendid choice. As a viewer, I connect with humour faster than anything else, so if a character is written to be funny in a way such as the two in Titus & Mirabella, I’m sold.

Crisan and Moustache are a genuinely perfect duo. Many of their comedic moments are wonderfully timed — executed so effortlessly that you could guess it was improvised. Captured by cinematographer Benjamin Strobel, a dreamy and colourful palette frames the gorgeous backstreets and restaurants of Passau, Germany. Their charming and innocent personality is brought further to life by the music, and even though it wasn’t written specifically for the film (Audio Network has a catalog of many genres), it works just as well.

It’s a lovely change of pace to watch something more playful and sweet, rather than the more thematically dark projects I’ve watched over the months. Crisan’s film sweeps us away into a better time; No social distancing, no pandemic. If you’re looking for a nice distraction, this is the one for you. The seamless editing, well mixed sound and soft colour grade — all coming together for an elegant result.

Titus & Mirabella is a stunning and simple film with a lot to appreciate. Usually I’d mention how great it would be to see a feature-length version, but with this being so tightly made, I don’t think it’s remotely needed. It’s such a beautifully made piece. That said, I would love to see more from this team. Melania’s craft is praiseworthy, and I hope to see Titus & Mirabella gain a loyal following as it rolls out. It certainly deserves it. Oh, also, be sure to stay through the credits for an extra treat…

Watch the trailer for Titus & Mirabella below.