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Time Stops Moving short film


Directed by: #LeeNeville

Written by: Lee Neville

Starring: Lee Neville, #KrystalConnell, #KarlaJenkins, and #GlendaWeedman


Time Stops Moving short film poster
Time Stops Moving short film poster

TRIPLE THREAT ALERT!!!! Wait no....what we have stumbled across here is the rare and hunted quadruple threat, welcome to the stage, Lee Neville and his short film Time Stops Moving.

How have you got so much free time Lee? How can you act, direct, produce and write a film and still manage to eat and sleep? How? Answers on the back of a postcard please because I could do with the tips! But it seems his busy schedule has served as somewhat of an inspiration for his writing, for you see Time Stops Moving tackles the story of a young man who is juggling not 2, but 3 ladies...lucky.

This short movie investigates the events of one night, whereby all our leading man’s ladies decided they want to say something that they have not been able to up to this point; a truth they have not been able to reveal. Maybe they are all in some kind of pyramid scheme and have been taking his money to cover the to watch out for those pyramid schemes, women love ‘em.

Adam who is played by Lee Neville, is either a man who is very lost within his own desires or is a complete sociopath, demonstrating levels of passion to all the ladies, be they emotional or physical, making each one feel as if they have a special place in his heart. Confusingly though two are, at one point, in his house, bringing up the question as to whether he is in a polyamorous situation, or she just hides in cupboards until he wants her attention.

Neville amplifies this dark state of mind by giving his short film a bleak and grainy look throughout, as if we are hiding in the shadows, observing his calamity of a romantic situation from a distance, as if he is as lost in the darkness as his women feel.

The choice of a piano score which runs throughout the movie feels a little tacky to me, the kind of music played on 90’s soap operas when the dad tell his son he loves him for the first time in 30 years and they finally hug. That kind of music, ergh, and it gives that effect...just ergh.

If you can ignore the piano score circa 1998, we are looking at a very interesting storyline, one that has much space to develop into a full length piece, as well as that you cannot ignore the effort and dedication that has come from Neville, someone who is clearly dedicated to his craft and becoming the best he can be.



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