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Time Always Moving short film


Directed by: #LeeNeville

Written by: Lee Neville

Starring: Lee Neville and #OlgaVanessa


Time Always Moving short film review
Time Always Moving short film review

Think back, stare into the past, use your mind telescope....all the way back to last week where I, your number one film critic and distributor of the laughs [you’re welcome] reviewed a little movie called Time Stops Moving, the first of what appears to be the saga of Neville’s ever growing messed up relationships with women and himself.

Using our brain banks and telescopes I’m sure you can recall that last week Neville was playing the multi lady game. He had three on the go, what a gangster, anyway these ladies all had problems expressing themselves, they all had something that they could not say. I suspected a pyramid scheme, I don’t think it was that but hey at least I made an attempt, women are mythical creatures and are hard to read.

With Time Always Moving, filmmaker Lee Neville continues to sit in his bedroom with 90’s piano scores playing in the background...he’s creating mood I guess but once again, like I said last week, ergh I just can’t get on board with it, but he is not alone in his room, and no it’s not a pianist in the corner it’s another you didn’t see that one coming.

Neville tells her the tale of what it was like before, where he felt that time stopped moving when he was with his three ladies, when they were unable to express their feelings, she listens intently, probing for more and more information, and we soon come to realise she too is involved with Neville...of course, ladies love Neville.

But like the ladies before him, he struggles with expressing himself, tying in the previous film, we learn that he had been unable to say that he loved any of them, not that he didn’t feel it, just the act of saying it seemed to cause him trouble, because of this he had lost his pack of three.

But this time Neville wants to do the right thing, he wants to say those three big words, and he wants to say it to her...can’t let another one get away.

The one thing short film Time Always Moving brings to the table is the sense of emotional realism. We have all been in those scenarios where we are deep in discussions with a loved one and they just can’t say how they feel, you want to grab them, shake them from their complacency and scream ‘’ust say it god damn it!!!’’ and I certainly felt like doing that to Neville’s character, the tension is there, it’s real and we are involved.

The shots between the lovers in bed are intimate, close to their faces, you can almost feel the connection, allowing us to build an understanding of where they are within their relationship, an important factor when feeling the frustrations displayed by the leading lady at Neville’s inability to express himself fully.

I have no beef with this series, but I also have nothing that is drawing me in, when I watched the first instalment I stated that there was room for this story to grown, but I feel the direction taken is not the most stimulating, the cast of characters presented to us in the first short could have created interesting and compelling storylines. Was this an open relationship? Were these people in a sex cult? What’s Neville got that makes him so desirable to ladies? Money? A yacht? Really good wifi connection? But alas we just see a man in the same room as before being emotionally stunted.

Maybe I’m missing something, but personally watching a man be unable to satisfy a variety of women on different platforms just seems like a Friday night at a Wetherspoons to me, but that’s not to say this instalment does not bring interesting dialogue to the table, confident and compelling acting from all the cast, but I just felt the story went down a route which robbed the viewer of a lot of answers...Just tell me why all the ladies love Neville god damn it, and if you give me that I shall say well done.



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