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They Can't Hear You short film review


Directed by: Luke Creely

Written by: #LukeCreely, #JackCoco

Short Film Review by: #RachelPullen


They Can't Hear You movie review UK
They Can't Hear You movie review UK

Things that you can’t ‘hear’: screaming in outer space, trees falling when you’re not around, high pitch frequency dog whistles, you know, all the good stuff. I often cut down trees in space, scream at them, then try to locate my alien space dog with a whistle.

As well as the above, #filmmaker Luke Creely likes to think people can’t hear you scream inside the confines of a house. This may be true if you are in the middle of nowhere, not unlike a falling tree I guess, which is super convenient if you plan on doing a bunch of murders in your free time. I mean you could just watch Murder She Wrote, but different strokes different folks I guess.

Short film They Can’t Hear You takes place in one bedroom, where a young woman lays tied to a bed at the mercy of someone else in the room [and not in the fun sexy way], someone we never actually see, apart from their little feet and terrible choice of footwear...Seriously the shoes, you will understand what I mean when you see them.

She begs, pleads, screams for the point where even I hoped to not be able to hear her, but it’s the hallmark of a good #horror actress or ‘’scream queen’’ I guess, but little is gonna change the mind of our villain. To be fair, no one could change their mind on shoe choice so they don’t stand a chance when it comes to murder.

This short movie draws from the age old horror rulebook: don’t reveal the evil too soon, not unlike John Carpenter did with Halloween, Michael is scary because he is faceless, in the first movie he has no motive, he just wants to kill, and that is where fear comes from....the unknown.

Writer and director Creely delivers suspense direct to the screen, the unknown is the driving force and the ticking clock of the victim’s life builds us into a frenzy of ‘’what will happen’’, and to top it off there is zero motive, just the desire to kill, to take another human life, not unlike horror classics such as ‘’When a Stranger Calls’’ and ‘’ATM’’.

Overall this is a fun little horror short but before we close and say good night let’s not think that I overlooked the most stimulating thing about this whole film...directed, produced and co-written by...Luke Creely.

TRIPLE ...THREAT...for the win.



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