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Thee Times Moving: A Time to Lie short film review


Directed by: Lee Neville

Written by: Lee Neville


Three Times Moving a Time to Lie film review
Three Times Moving a Time to Lie film review

It’s that time of the week again...oh yes the one you have all been waiting for, the time where we delve into the gripping and confusing world of Lee Neville’s issues with commitment. Ironic, for a set of short films about commitment issues, I sure as hell have committed a lot of time to understanding the point of this drama...and this week I am one step closer, maybe.

So for all you out there who have problems with their memories, lets recap on what Mr Neville has been up to in my last few movie reviews...Neville has a bunch of women in and out of the one room he forever resides in, then they all get uppity because no one can commit, he then starts boning one of them on the reg but at the same time is into making out with his lady friend, who for some insane reason has super deep feelings for Neville. But guess what? He can’t commit either, and upon seeing him hugging another woman she gets all annoyed and they argue outside of the bedroom about it for a bit, because by now they all need a bit of fresh air.

So now we are all up to date, let’s crack on with the next instalment, drum roll please for short film Three Times Moving: A Time to Lie.

This week Neville busts in on his main lady friend and grabs her face to make out with her, only to reveal he feels nothing about her, and surprisingly she feels nothing for him too [seems like a promising relationship]. This is simply a booty call, friends with benefits kind of deal, once again Neville is a total gangster with the ladies.

Neville has to pop out, clearly not to attend the job he has not got or to find an apartment that has more than one room in it, but to sit pensively on a bench and think about all the ladies he just can’t commit to. However, while he is lost in thoughts of how to get a bigger net to catch women in, his so called friend who has the hots for him decides to go to his one room flat/black hole/void of despair to see if he is about.

Oh no, Mr Neville is out, but she bumps into his beneficial lady love, the two of them butt heads as they hash out what is really going on here, talking about how in the moment they should really express themselves, not waste the opportunity to say how they feel, beneficial lady wastes no time in cutting to the point, she knows best friend lady has feelings for him and pushes her to tell Neville how she really feels. That will fuck Neville right up, he can’t stand talking about feelings...does she know nothing?

With Three Times Moving: A Time to Lie I didn’t really feel like pulling my face off from boredom, a plus in the so far very confusing and repetitive tale that Neville has been weaving, I started to actually develop a connection between the characters and the outcome of the storyline. I like his lady with benefits, she has her head screwed on, she is not buying into all the #drama, she knows what she wants and where she stands, and if I pick up on this then clearly there has been a level of character development displayed, that had been missing heretofore.

Yet I am still not caring that much about Neville, after such a long investment into this saga, you can’t help but wonder if he is gonna get his act together, is he gonna actually settle down or figure out a much better system for juggling his harem of lady loves.

So what is left to come? Will he pick lady with benefits for the casual fun or actually have a monogamous relationship with his friend? Will he get an apartment that is more than just one room and a black hole? Will he ever stop listening to piano scores all day long? And will we ever, ever find out if anyone is secretly a lizard person?

Tune in next week to find out....oh and also I give this week three stars because they leave the black hole room for some vital fresh air again and a lady takes off her top, a worthy cause for extra stars.



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