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The Test short film review


Directed by: #KristianComer

Written by: Kristian Comer

Starring: #KevinVislocky, Kristian Comer, #EmmaKathryn and #JessicaJones


The Test movie review

Kids terrify me, and it’s all cinema’s fault!!! The Exorcist, The Ring, The Omen, the list goes on...children are evil, but we can live safe in knowing that they suck at life skills and they don’t know as much stuff as adults. Because you know, time and education is a thing...but what if these children were already super intelligent.... dun dun duhhhhhhhh.

They could file tax returns and understand the danger that comes with investing in pyramid schemes, they could start businesses and have excellent economic standings or if they fancied, be a threat to a dictatorship. So many possibilities.

Short film The Test from #filmmaker Kristian Comer focuses around a school that takes young girls and well...tests their intelligence, seems chill right? Wrong, things are not what they seem, this school seems to be a bit dramatic in regards to security, considering the hench body guards with M16 guns...and no it’s not even set in America!

This short is mainly a silent piece, driven by an orchestral score to highlight mood, as well as that, the actors use the ostentatious acting style that comes with this type of film; the long pauses to show sadness, the flailing hands to demonstrate anger, it’s all there to gaze upon.

Despite the good efforts from the actors in regards to flailing their hands around, elements of the short are hard to follow. The first half of the film is slightly dull: kids going to school, a woman gets a letter but we don’t know what it is...etc, what’s going on? The lack of dialogue in this portion can leave the audience feeling a little confused, and then boom before you know it, there are massive security guards at school with guns...ok, guess I will just get on board.

It’s not to say though that the storyline is not there, The Test has an interesting concept but it’s not until the very end of the movie that it comes to light. I do feel that a lot of the start could have been condensed, allowing for the expansion of the storyline in regards to the super intelligent children who pose a threat to the government.

See what I mean? Why do they pose a threat? What do they know that we don’t? Are pyramid schemes something we should invest in??? Is the government a massive pyramid scheme? So many unanswered questions.

The Test has potential, the acting, the direction, the style and the storyline is all there, and even though they feel infant within their development it undeniable that with a little nurturing something amazing could grow.



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