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The Tears Thing Short Film Review

Updated: Jul 15, 2020


Directed by: #ClémencePoésy

Short Film Review by: #ChrisBuick


In preparation for her role in an upcoming movie as a super-assassin, actress Florence Parady (Hair) has been sent to a remote shooting range to learn how to hold a weapon in order to look the part. Unbeknownst to her before her arrival, her instructor turns out to be former flame Sacha (Timoteo), whom it appears had suddenly and inexplicably walked out on their relationship some four years prior. Now as deeply-buried feelings and old wounds start to reappear, an already tense situation becomes all the more precarious when there is a gun involved.

Having already cemented herself in recent years as a massive talent in front of the camera starring in the likes of Harry Potter and The Tunnel, The Tears Thing (or Le Coup des Larmes) proves that Clémence Poésy is also a force to be reckoned with behind it as well, not to mention also having a keen eye for storytelling.

The script is not only incredibly tight but precise as well and Poésy delivers not just one captivating plot to follow but two: the exciting drama we get to see played out through the lens and the equally intriguing subtext underneath it all. A heated encounter between ex-lovers that is only escalated by the introduction of live ammunition might have sufficed for some filmmakers, but there is also so much of the story Poésy wants you to put together yourself.

The particulars of how Florence and Sacha came to be then not be are barely even sniffed at let alone said out loud, the characters rarely addressing their specific grievances head on. Instead, Poésy seems to want to let us read between the lines of each expression and choice of words that her two powerhouse leads give us, forcing us in the best possible way to create our own version of their past. This means that as well as keeping us completely invested, without unnecessary exposition weighing it down the film maintains a great pace from start to finish, not to mention giving its characters a tremendous sense of authenticity.

But what is truly applaudable here along with the writing are the amazing performances from Hair and Timoteo. Starting with their first long silent glance of recognition and surprise mere moments into the film, each look, each breath, everything they say or better yet don’t say all conveys so much about Florence and Sacha’s complex history that we can’t help but want to know more, and a special mention must go to Hair who absolutely nails it in the film's final moments and gives it the perfect amount of gravitas it deserves. 

A film that delivers on excellent drama and story, but one that also gives you the freedom to create your own narrative. The Tears Thing is sharp, smart, gorgeous, inspiring and worthy of a dozen other superlatives. Simply brilliant.

The Tears Thing (Le Coup des Larmes) is now streaming on YouTube as part of the We Are One online film festival.


Watch the trailer here:


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