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The Taste of Relation film review


Directed by: Mukesh Asopa

Written by: Twinkle Asopa, Rajesh Asopa

Starring: Mukesh Asopa, Kamal Nandi, Aruna Bhatnagar, Tree Ryde, Roya Hakami, Yury Ruzyhev

Poster for The Taste of Relation showing protagonists.
Poster for The Taste of Relation

The joys and misfortunes within an Indian family living in Canada.

Ram (Nandi) is a married man, who lives in Toronto and owns a successful real estate business in. He has two sons, Raj (Asopa) and John (Ruzyhev), both of whom work for their father's company and a daughter Catherine (Hakami). They are a happy family, however things get complicated when Raj makes clumsy decisions at work, resulting in significant financial losses, which angers his father, causing him to turn his back on Raj.

Winner of the Special Jury Prize at the California Film Awards, including numerous other awards, this drama explores themes of family values and loss. It contains many emotional scenes of happiness, reconciliation and tragedy. It looks into the lives of the family members and their struggles.

It should be mentioned that during the first half the pace is a bit slow, but then things pick up with complications and confrontations.

The film is well acted, with the protagonists convincing as relatives who care for each other and Asopa does a good job as director. The filmmakers utilize slow motion interestingly and the editing is rather creative, making effective use of superimposition techniques. Regarding the soundtrack, there are some issues there. The same song is played in certain parts of the film, which is awkward and unnecessary. Also, the sudden insertion of a montage depicting a man singing a rap song appears incongruous in comparison with the rest of the movie.

Generally, The Taste of Relation is a family drama. It offers an insight into the life of an Indian family. It shows how circumstances can separate relatives and how brave acts of love can bring them back together.




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