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The Space Adventures of Kirk DeVille Short Film Review



This Sci-Fi short takes the audience on a wild trip through space. After the assassination of General Zarco, our main protagonist Kirk DeVille flees the scene on a HyperBridge transit vessel, heading towards the nearest black hole. However, with the Praesidium Empire fast on his tail, will he be able to make it out alive? I assume so because there is also a part 2! This isn’t your average Sci-Fi film, there’s funky music and comical wit throughout this piece which really lifts this short and keeps the audience entertained throughout. The Space Adventures of Kirk DeVille was light-hearted and kept the viewer on their toes with funny dialogue and even some good zingers from the spacecraft itself!

The graphics are a tad amateurish and cartoon-like, but this is understandable when dealing with a small budget. However, because of this, it would have been good to include more dialogue and closer shots of our protagonist within the spaceship. This would allow the audience a chance to see all aspects of the craft from a variety of angles. We could also invest in the character himself, by witnessing his reactions and emotional responses to the action happening around him. Nevertheless, the back-and-forth quips between Kirk and the automated voice within the aircraft was thoroughly entertaining and made for a light and less intense watch allowing this short film to connect to everyone of all ages.

The chase between our main character and the Praesidium Empire was the only scene which stirred some tension, but even this was layered with comedic elements whilst keeping you on the edge of your seat and desperate to know the fate of our assassin Kirk DeVille. The voice of the aircraft was unlike what you imagine the voice of a gigantic spaceship to adopt. You assume a cold and robotic voiceover would be fitting; however, this female’s voice used a lot of colloquial language and it felt as though Kirk was talking to an actual human being. This was interesting as the voice became another character even though we do not actually see them. Kirk was able to interact and had another intelligent being to bounce off, perhaps even more intelligent than him!

The short was left on a climactic ending but just to put your mind at ease there has been a part 2 has released as well, so you won’t be left in the dark too long! TurnshoeProductions has created a skilful and humorous short which can be enjoyed by many.


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