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The Quiet Short Film Review

Updated: Feb 22, 2021


Directed by #RadheyaJegatheva


Film Poster For The Quiet

The Quiet tells the story of an astronaut (Jay Jay Jegathesan) as he narrates to us the story of his brother and the choices that led to him being imprisoned. He draws parallels between the silence an astronaut experiences in space with the silence an inmate experiences in prison. A twist at the end of the film reveals that all is not as it seems, driving home the message that escapism is limited and you can never leave the prison of your own mind.

“Silence is the most beautiful thing that exists in the universe,” the opening line from the film. However, I would argue that music from Radheya Jagatheva is more beautiful. The sound design is interesting throughout. When the film begins, the sounds link the visuals of space with things we would hear in everyday life; an egg being cracked and a gas oven being turned on. As we get to the genius twist in the film, the reasons behind the sound choices become more obvious and the film takes a dark turn. The blood-red visuals, the startling appearance of skulls and the use of Edvard Munch’s The Scream hooks you into the story.

This film has a lot to offer. The stunning visuals, the incredible sound design, the emotion in Jegathesan’s narration. It’s all fantastic. The BFI know a great film when they see it. It’s amazing to think this film was pretty much created by two people. The visuals alone look like they were created by fifty people working around the clock. The shots of planets are awe-inspiring. The lighting is gorgeous, with rich blues and greens. The shots of Earth are something to behold. The way the animation gently blends into the next shot is something most filmmakers can only dream to create.

Jegathesan tells the story with a lot of heart and emotion. He really pulls us into the story. The way his voice takes turns from optimism and happiness to darkness shows real talent. If I were to place a bet on a young filmmaker someday winning an Oscar, my money would definitely be on Jagatheva. He already had many of his films Oscar qualify. He shows creativity and originality you don’t see very often. Well done to everyone involved.



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