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The Quest For Truth (2019) Short Film Review


Directed by: #Dandroid

Written by: #Dandroid


Daniel (Dandroid), an ordinary Lego person, embarks on an adventure to find the meaning of life in this whimsical stop motion animated short.

The Quest For Truth (2019), directed and written by YouTube Lego fanatic ‘Dandroid’, is a ten minute short film made with Stop Motion Studio and iMovie. It stars the voices of the director (as well as his mum) and other YouTubers who also feature Lego related or animated videos on their respective channels. The film is delightfully charming with its orchestration of clever visual and audio gags throughout, featuring cameo appearances from the likes of the Joker, C3PO and R2D2 and even Steamboat Willie.

The lead, Daniel, and his accomplices face an old man who informs them of the meaning of life and the creator.
The Quest For Truth (2019) Short Film screenshot

The endearing wit and comedic tone is immediately established with the short’s opening, where the rating is changed from PG to U as a Lego character claims his three year old niece will be watching (even if there is a bare chested teen in the beginning!). The film is stuffed to the brim with creative gags that reference pop culture, with one example being a blink and you’ll miss it shot of A113 on a staircase, a subtle reference to Pixar’s infamous Easer Egg. The humour may be hit or miss depending on one’s film knowledge, but there’s enough fast paced warm charm to get a giggle from everyone. As well as bolstering deadpan wit, the film is meta and self-aware in its comedy and story (based on The Lego Movie (2014)) with cheeky dialogue. One example is a fun breaking the fourth wall gag where Spider-Man comments on a particular plot point being ‘lazy writing’.

As well as featuring stop motion animation, the short also presents entertaining skits with colourful images and drawn animation, enhancing the quirky style maintained in the dialogue. The rather amateur, rough stop motion certainly adds to the charm and combined with a strong voice cast and realistic sounds effects to accompany scenes, such as gravel under foot or the sound of a motorbike revving, makes for an immersive experience. The film features music by Judson Crane and Hans Zimmer and both effectively compliment the scenes and end credits well, although the playful tone may have been strengthened if other tracks were added to certain sequences. For example, character introductions are presented through funny text and images and the edit may have been made punchier with a jovial track added, although this is a very minor issue which does not spoil the overall enjoyment.

The Quest For Truth is a witty, self-aware short presenting admirable stop motion, a delightfully meta story and a thoroughly entertaining watch - this short is definitely worth a look for its gags alone!


The Quest For Truth (2019) Short Film:


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