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The Photographer short film


Directed by: Max Sobol Starring: Javan Hirst, Sophia Di Martino, and Christian J. Wilde Short Film Review by: Owen Herman


The Photographer short film review

When it comes to short films, most have an amateur atmosphere to them. The picture isn’t as sharp, the acting isn’t quite as natural, the camerawork isn’t very dynamic. A lot of the time this can be endearing and play to the shorts’ strengths. With Max Sobol’s The Photographer throws this idea right out the window with a film so professionally made it almost felt unfair to compare it to other shorts.

The film follows a photographer whose main interest is to document people who are unaware they are being watched. Soon he finds himself obsessed with a young woman and begins slowly getting more and more involved in her life. The whole film is accompanied by a voiceover which, in a Nolan-esque twist, changes the viewer’s entire perspective. Like all god mystery thrillers, this is definitely a film that will leave you feeling the need to see it again.

The thrilling nature of the story is emphasised by an unnerving score that builds perfectly at the right moments as the story takes its turns to its more unsettling areas. The cinematography is, very aptly, brilliant and really captures the feeling of watching someone and being watched yourself.

The Photographer is a near-perfect short that looks at morality, responsibility, and perspective. Exquisitely made and utterly compelling, this is absolutely one to watch.



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