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The Past Keeps on Coming short film review


Directed by: Emma Eckton

Written by: Phil Pearson

Starring: Emma Eckton


The COVID-19 pandemic has affected many industries worldwide, including the film industry and The Past Keeps on Coming is a result of that, as it was filmed during the lockdown. The film focuses on a middle-aged woman who tells the audience about a terrible act of hers that destroyed her life.

As mentioned above this project was made during the coronavirus lockdown and therefore the actress Emma Eckton, who plays Rosa, the only person in the film and scriptwriter Phil Pearson never met. Instead he sent her the script and she filmed herself. The camera is constantly stationary throughout the film and Eckton gets herself in frame either from the chest or shoulders upwards. She is in every shot and is always indoors, apparently in the same room, however there are no clues in her surroundings to give the viewer an idea regarding where exactly she is. She verbally reveals that later on. The film fades out when she has finished narrating a particular section of her story and fades back in when she is about to start another one.

The screenplay is very well structured. The woman's first words are ''You'll hate me by the time this is finished''. By hearing these words, the viewer becomes aware that she did something unforgivable and desires to find out more about her. Pearson does a great job in creating a dramatic monologue that reveals the character's happy past life, how her fateful deed has affected her life and how she feels about herself so many years after having been locked up. Near the end Rosa reveals that she murdered her toddler son Jack for no apparent reasons, giving the impression that she is mentally ill.

Eckton delivers a remarkable performance. She manages to give emotion and meaning to every word she utters. Thoughout the film, she has trauma, sadness and regret written all over her face. Her eyes fill with tears when she gets truly emotional and she makes effective use of her hands in order to express her feelings. She is capable of making the audience believe that her story actually happened.

Pearson also composed the music and he put together a dramatic score that effectively accompanies Rosa's emotions. Particular praise should be given when she describes the moment she killed her son. She says: ''It was me! Somewhere in me I was capable and I did it! I did it''. While she says these words, the music becomes intense and with Eckton's terrific acting this is arguably the film's most dramatic moment.

The Past Keeps on Coming is a very emotional ride and worthy of a great deal of attention. It is a piece of work that had a lot of passion put into it.



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