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The Other Place short film

Written and Directed by Lee Amir-Cohen Starring Lee Amir-Cohen, Amanda Maddox, Shoshana Bush, & Cameron Diskin Short Film Review by Chris Olson "You are so close to almost there" Such are the words written in a neon-pink sign above the head of The Brother (Lee Amir-Cohen) at the beginning of his short film The Other Place. This sentiment, however, falls short of effectively describing the beautifully crafted movie written and directed by Amir-Cohen, which is a piece of stunning filmmaking perfection.

The Other Place short film

Set completely within the confines of one room, our antagonist stands in front of two people (Shoshana Bush and Cameron Diskin), who are sat on chairs with bags on their heads. Away from them, casually strewn across a pew in a stunning red dress is Amanda Maddox. The two, we quickly learn, are most definitely on the wrong side of the law. What transpires during the course of the movie...well that would be spoiling it. There is an ownership to The Other Place, where Amir-Cohen proves himself completely capable of controlling every aspect of a multi-layered film without ever dropping the ball. From the svelte script and nuanced performances (including his own), to the sumptuous set design and the intelligent score, every detail has been carefully sculpted to create a phenomenal atmosphere of thrilling intensity, gripping the audience by their special parts. As the characters engage in a complex game of manipulation, viewers will enjoy the spoils of a wonderfully engaging crime thriller that is masterful in its execution and bold in its theatricality. The cinematography should also be applauded, with some daring camera angles which completely enhanced the aesthetic. Such as an overhead shot of the two captees or a long shot from behind them, which again cemented this feeling that Amir-Cohen was flexing his cinematic biceps, and not without substance. There was a playfulness to the tone of the short film, which was reminiscent of comedy plays. This coupled with the adult themes and crime elements was wonderfully balanced, and never felt cartoonish. In fact, the characters were really vivid and believable. Fans of the greats of crime thrillers (Scorsese, Mann, Fincher) will be in their element with The Other Place, as will audiences who enjoy period pieces and solid comedy.

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