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The Long Game short film review


Directed by: Lauren McLaughlin

Written by: Lauren McLaughlin

Starring: Katherine Kanter, Tom Price, Greta Bellamacina, Michael Simkins

Film Poster for The Long Game showing protagonists Katherine Kanter and Tom Price.
Film Poster for The Long Game.

Infidelity can lead to rather unfortunate consequences. What will the person who got cheated on do? Will they forgive or will they choose to get even?

Hannah (Kanter) is planning to adopt a child with her husband Will (Price). She returns home one day only to discover that Will is having an affair with Felicity (Bellamacina), who is the wife of Will's boss Gerry (Simkins), a CEO. Unaware of Felicity's cheating, Gerry asks Will and Hannah to invite them over for dinner. Wanting to keep things peaceful, they agree and try to act normal for the day, pretending that everything is fine. But it then becomes apparent that Hannah has plans of her own.

McLaughlin's comedy drama is a story that will have the audience intrigued. They will want to know more about the characters and how things are going to unfold, as they realize that Hannah is an intelligent, determined woman who is not willing to let Will's betrayal go unpunished. And she gets her revenge in a rather original and entertaining way.

The script is very well structured, consisting of well-written characters, clever dialogue and an interesting and entertaining plot that focuses on an awkward situation: two couples are having dinner at a house, one husband is unaware that his other half is having an affair with the husband of the other couple and the unfaithful husband's wife is setting her payback in motion.

Kanter is terrific as the cheated wife. He is a person who has been hurt, but has the strength to bring herself back up and move on. Price delivers an amusing performance as a naive, ungrateful individual who shows no remorse for his actions. And Bellamacina and Simkins are also great in their roles.

It is worth mentioning that viewers will be seeing a lot of rabbits. Not rabbits running around inside the house, but rabbit furniture such as the image of a rabbit on a pillow, a small statue of a rabbit, a lamp shaped like a rabbit, a portrait of a rabbit and so on. There are real rabbits to be seen, but only as hallucinations.

Viewers will also get the pleasure of listening to wonderful piano music throughout the film.

The Long Game provides an experience filled with drama and humor. The performances are strong and the plot will keep the audience guessing until the end.



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