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The Last Lockdown Sketch Short Film Review


Directed by: #AndyMoore


This crazy short film is a comical reflection of the world we now live in today, although a totally bonkers and extremely exaggerated version. Lockdown has forced us all to adapt in our everyday lives, wearing masks, social distancing, working from home and even having our doctor’s appointments over zoom, which is exactly what this short film is about. John has been feeling unwell and tests have shown that his appendix needs to be removed, however, the operation was not performed in an ordinary manner but rather at home over a zoom call! The Last Lockdown Sketch was entertaining, funny and weird but in all the right places.

The characters interact over a video call, the doctor’s name was the first thing that pricked up my ears, he was known as ‘Doctor Lecter.’ Cleverly foreshadowing the patients unfortunate end but was more humorous than sinister. Although mad, it was a witty storyline purely because of the unusual and sometimes nonsensical rules and procedures we have had to follow throughout the pandemic and lockdown. This story can’t be seen as that far off from everyday life, so can almost be considered relatable… in the oddest way possible! The ‘professional’ Doctor Lecter proceeds to help John with his ‘damaged’ appendix by talking him through all the steps to remove it himself. With just a sharp kitchen knife, a big gulp of gin and a needle and thread John manages to remove the organ whilst the Doctor oversees the procedure over the top of his newspaper.

The location and cinematography would be considered basic and could have been improved slightly. It would have been good to see some more elements of Doctor Lecter’s house, to really project his disturbed nature and sadistic qualities. However, to keep with the humorous undertones perhaps there could have been his past victims mounted on the wall and hung up like prized deer. Some of the camera angles were a tad shaky in places and not as clear cut, but these are all minor challenges to overcome. Of course, the operation would not be complete without John posting his appendix back to Dr Lecter in an old Tupperware box. I’m sure you can guess the rest… with a few herbs and spices and paired with a nice Chianti, Dr Lecter whips up a hearty meal with his patient’s appendix. A great homage to Johnathan Demme’s The Silence of the Lambs which was executed very well.

The storyline was certainly engaging and almost thrilling in a lot of instances, I wanted to know how on earth this story was going to end for poor John and more importantly how many more victims will Dr Lecter prey upon! Doctor Lecter was a fascinating character and added a hilarious twist to this short which certainly made for a gripping watch. A laughable and ludicrous premise that really pokes fun at the lockdown measures in place, a good laugh is what we need now in this current climate, so this film is certainly recommended.


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