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The Journey of Alfred Small

Written & Directed by Mike Archer

Starring Philip Goldacre, Tayo Elesin

Review by Amaliah S. Marmon-Halm

Telling a tale of loss, everyday mundanity and struggles, The Journey of Alfred Small by Mike Archer of Old Lamp Films ltd takes a snapshot in the everyday life of an embittered old man and shows what happens when we look at life outside of our own comfortable bubbles.

The film starts as a recollection, as police officers tend to the old man, Alfred Small. Alfred lives alone. Not out of fault of his own, but due to his wife suffering from a terrible illness. Every now and again he goes and visits her in her in the hospital, begging for her to get better and come home.

On one occasion, things go a little differently.

At his regular bus stop, he is joined by a young mother, named Kendal, and her son, Benji. Over a slight misunderstanding, they part on bad terms. Things don't get any better for Alfred, as his life starts to fall into turmoil. When an opportunity to break out of his own woes and help another arises, will he choose to look the other way and pay no mind or will he give a vital helping hand?

This short film tries to convey the trials and misunderstandings of life, the woes of old and young and how we are not all that different. We all face hardships, despite what the surface might show.

Apart from a few lighting, sound and editing issues which, if you have an eye for them, might distract a bit from the feeling and atmosphere the film is trying to build, this is a rather enjoyable film. Story wise, this is a well constructed piece that will leave the audience feeling for each of the characters and possibly leave them asking what they would do in the various situations.


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