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The Integration Game short film



The Integration Game film review
The Integration Game


So I was doing some research the other day, a nice break from googling pictures of Bungle, Zippy and George, and I learnt that it would take 76,000 years for us to travel to the closest solar system...quiet the commute don’t you think.

So with that in mind, I honestly believe that somewhere there must be another form of life, aliens, lizard people, old contests from that show in the 80’s Bullseye, just floating around in space, and if I’m thinking about them, are they thinking about us?

Most likely, and not unlike Neil Armstrong before, they may have the desire to come and check out planet Earth and all we have to offer. I would start with mini golf and a night at the strip club, a classic way to spend a weekend, and it seems to me I’m not the only one who thinks this why don’t we pull up a chair, bean bag or inflatable furniture, if you're still in the 90’s and get to talking about #shortfilm The Integration Game.

This #animated short, directed by Amene Dede Sackey and Naomi Soneye-Thomas, looks at a group of alien chums who decided to learn more about humanity by attending a stag do in modern day England. As they monitor and report back to their home planet, the weird and wonderful going on’s here on earth.

They go to a club, they watch people dry hump on the dance floor, they get involved in the drug world, enjoy some trance music, so once again a normal weekend for most, but for some reason no mini golf...the fools.

This comedic exploration into what we all see on a regular basis plays as an interesting narration to the magic of the human condition, pointing out all those silly things we do, that we just take as the normal, and in the end we can actually see the futility of it all.

The #animation fits with the current popular style, reminding me of shows such as Rick and Morty and Bob’s Burgers, kind of rushed and a little juvenile but befitting of the storyline, giving a slight distortion to the reality that is around the aliens, just like they would view our world.

Comedic writing in this is definitely a plus; the jokes are clever, well-timed and actually funny, making for an enjoyable watch to a wide range of audiences, anyone from the young to old may have a chuckle at this little number.

The Integration Game is an interesting observation of the little things we do as humans, there are no big alien invasions, no attacks from mars, just a bunch of space dudes enjoying a night out with the lads, and when it comes down to it, isn’t that what life is all about...the little things.



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