The Honeymoon short film

Directed by Ruth Pickett

Starring Sophie Pelham, Richard Kiess and Abi Roberts

Short Film Review by Rachel Pullen

British comedy is one of those things that the rest of the world just don’t get, with the likes of Monty Python and the Carry On films to judge us by, you either are fully on board the laugh wagon, or you are just not.

Director and writer Ruth Pickett comes full steam into the world of British comedy with her short film The Honeymoon, rich in a humour that is so typically English that you can’t watch this movie without a cup of tea and a scone, it is already a strong competitor in the field despite not even being a full length feature.

Telling the story of a young newlywed Christian couple who have rented a holiday cottage in order to consummate the marriage as well as to have a relaxing honeymoon, our newlyweds are shocked to discover that they have accidentally taken up room and board at a sex dungeon, which, let's face facts, for some may be a plus, but for these two nervous virgins it is clearly a little overwhelming.

And if that’s not enough they soon discover they are not alone; not only does this holiday retreat come with erotic art, dildos aplenty and an array of fetish equipment, it also houses a live-in sex slave (Abi Roberts) who is willing to participate in what she believes to be a virgin role playing scenario. Things go from bad to worse in this tale as the night unfolds in to what only can be described as a slapstick comedy sketch...with dildos.

Sophie Pelham and Richard Kiess brim with comedic energy, feeding off each other’s abilities and displaying an impeccable balance between displaying their obvious despair at the situation to unfolding comedic gems.

With a witty and campy script that draws upon influences from the UK’s rich history in comedy, The Honeymoon short film offers up laughs aplenty in a short space of time, as well as having a storyline that will keep the audience guessing and eager for more.

A must see for any fan of the British comedy genre, or anyone in fact who is up for a solid amount of sexual innuendos and bum jokes...who doesn’t love a good bum joke.

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