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The Guy with the Bow Tie

Directed by John Watson & Richard Miller

Starring Alex Lochrie, Sam Foster & Robert Laird

Review by Amaliah S. Marmon-Halm

Giving us an interesting portrayal of a modern love story, ‘The Guy with the Bow Tie” tells the tale of a boy, a girl and the daily highs and lows of any relationship. The main twist is that they are constantly followed around by a quirky, spectacled man wearing a bow tie. What is even more peculiar about him is that he is also making note of their every move…a little creepy but let’s just see how this plays out.

As things take a turn for the worst for the couple, it looks like it’s up to the “guy” to save them and their relationship. In order to do that, he’ll need to remind the couple of what brought them together and to remember the little things they love about each other. It is adorable to watch as he gives us a modern day version of cupid.

There are only a few negatives that I can really note. There is an obvious change in quality and stability when the camera is switched to one set on a drone, which unfortunately results in some scenes lacking in quality. As sweet as the story is, there is a slight issue with the acting. The main premise is that there is no dialogue and that the audience must just feel what the actors are saying and going through. There are a few moments when the chemistry between the actors doesn’t feel as strong as it should but that may be just a slight directing issue.

Other than that, this is a lovely little short film that will strike a little chord, even with the coldest of hearts. This story is sure to leave you going “aww” and looking for your nearest and dearest for a cuddle. Maybe there are times in our romantic and platonic relationships where we all need a “guy” to guide us and remind us to show a little love.


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