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The Game short film

Directed by: #MonirJAljaradli


The Game short movie poster
The Game short movie poster

The Game is an underwhelming short film that's problems mostly lie before the film started shooting.

The plot of The Game is a scenario in which we as humans were put into realistic video game sequences that put our life at risk. And with a limited amount of lives you need to learn quick if you want to survive.

The problem with The Game is that there were not enough choices made in the script to keep the film engaging. After seven minutes time spent with it you are left wondering what the reason is for why this film was made or waiting for a twist to happen. An entertaining ending was needed to justify itself. But alas no. The film ends predictably and that's that. The end.

There's not much in the script to begin with to inspire any worthy performances but even still the performances were bland with no colour.

The only reason this film is worth 1 star at least is because the action sequences for a low budget film are executed fairly well. They are the best thing about this movie just because they work and don't look completely terrible but they were still boring to watch.

The Game desperately needed much more direct choices about the premise and why what is taking place in the film is happening. What happened in the world to lead us here? It was impossible to determine if it was even supposed to be happening to people in real life or just happening in a video game by itself with no force taking place by government or some other entity or people. It tells of a project and that failure is punishable by death but that is just too vague. The plot demands more information for us as an audience to care. And that right there is the problem. You just don't.



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