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The Coffin Bound Kings film review

Updated: Feb 23, 2021


Directed by: Matthew Ewald

Written by: Matthew Ewald

Starring: Matthew Ewald, Tobias Doesken, Royce Hobson

Still Image from The Coffin Bound Kings showing characters.
Still Image from The Coffin Bound Kings

A tense and dramatic story about criminals, betrayal and murder, full of violence, blood, profanity, guns, shootings and demonic-looking masks.

A bunch of mobsters believe that one of them is an informer for the FBI. They have captured the alleged traitor and have brought him to their hideout for interrogation. The captive informs them he is working undercover for the FBI and that there is a group of people who are eliminating criminals around the world and seizing their cash. Things appear to be more than what they seem and the gangsters realize that they are in very serious trouble.

On the surface, this feature is an action packed crime thriller with plenty of action. However, the film explores the post-traumatic stress disorder that war veterans deal with and pays homage to the members of the United States armed forces.

The movie is enjoyable to watch. It is separated in chapters, each beginning with its own title card. The plot is intruiging, with tension and drama throughout and the characters are interesting. The basic concept is a couple of vigilantes who travel the world, murder wealthy criminals and use their money for good causes, kind of like Robin Hood, which is a really cool story. Although the theme and tone is rather serious, there is also the addition of dark comedy, particularly with the clumsy character Bam-Bam, played by Talon Borrelli.

The performances are pretty good. Ewald in particular is convincing as a damaged war veteran, who believes in justice and wants to help the ones in need. The other actors do nice job, especially Hobson, who portrays a seasoned gangster.

The film includes numerous well constructed montages, which make effective use of dissolve, superimposition and fast cutting techniques and voice-over. The music is dramatic, powerful, dynamic and tense, creating an exceptional atmosphere.

The opening and closing credits deserve special mention, as they utilize very interesting animation.

The Coffin Bound Kings is a thriller that is bound to catch the audience's attention. It supports, honors and reverences war veterans.



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