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The Closure Centre short film review

★★★★ Directed by: Chelsey D'Adesky Written by: #ChelseyDAdesky Starring: #MilinaValentin, #KrissDillon and #AdamHoughton Short Film Review by: Rachel Pullen


The Closure Centre Movie Review

The Closure Centre Movie Poster
The Closure Centre Movie Poster

''Sad hours seem long'' sighs Romeo, as he longs for his lady, and it’s true, love can conjure up a whole host of emotions, when in love and out of it...thanks Shakespeare, shame you were such a douche to ya wife in real life.

One of those emotions is of course heartbreak and often it is something we would rather forget, some ex lovers pave over their past, never make contact again, others value the friendship that can come from it, but for those not in that position they would do anything to throw away those memories, move on and pretend it never happened.

The Closure Centre is a short film from filmmaker Chelsey D'Adesky based around the idea or eradicating your ex lovers, and before I hear you scream ''that's just Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind'', The Closure Centre offers more of an interactive element to the process that our lovers must endure.

The short focuses mainly on the leading lady, she ventures to the centre where she is placed in a room, one adjacent to her ex, where they are able to choose whether they wish to talk, engage and even see each other through a glass wall.

They paint together, reminisce, listen to their favourite songs, all interspersed with flashbacks to their love affair, the rooms they are in act as a kind of time capsule, a shared yet separate space to one and another.

This more personal approach to the subject gives us an empathetic approach to the characters on screen, we are not focusing on the eradication of the past, but rather we root for the possibility of a future, all those unanswered questions surrounding the collapse of a relationship are able to be explored within The Closure Centre, giving a sense of hope, a sense of renewal.

The director allows us in, into their personal space and surroundings, into their memories and personal connections to the other, the placement of certain objects in the room, certain music played, these are all triggers in the real world that we can relate to.

The bright and bold use of colour was something that audiences will be drawn toward, unlike other films that focus on the subject of loss which employ a more darkened tone, The Closure Centre thrusts off the screen in a explosion of primaries and excitement, a visual cue perhaps to remind us that all is not lost at the end of a relationship.

This engaging short movie has a little of everything; intriguing script, relatable content and characters, as well as a well thought out arrangement and colour scheme, and so I say, for those feeling a touch of despair at the fallout of a relationship there is always another day, or you can go get ya brain scrambled and forget it all, whatever you prefer. #RachelPullen



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