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The best UK Film Festivals in 2017

Updated: Oct 13, 2018

Film Feature by Chris Olson

As the award season builds to its inevitable crescendo with the Academy Awards next week, filmmakers and film goers will be saturated with phrases like “award-winning” and “notable mention”, and will be looking for something fresh. Here in the UK, we play host to some of the best film festivals in the world, and here is a little snippet of some of the best.

Raindance Film Festival 2017

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UK Film Review were proud to attend some of last year’s events and screenings at Raindance, which took place across the autumnal urban streets of Central London in October. Fans of indie films, short films, and some incredible workshops with filmmakers can enjoy the fruits of this amazing film festival, here in the UK. One of the great things about this movie event is that it is not hugely crowded, a lot of the filmmakers are there and are happy to chat with audiences afterwards, and the general mix of all genres creates a hugely enjoyable festival experience.

London Short Film Festival 2018

One of the earliest events in the cinematic calendar, the LSFF plays host to (you guessed it) the best in short filmmaking. With some amazing categories and events, many indie filmmakers enjoy submitting their films here, as they get in front of an audience that is finely tuned to their niche. Many of the movies on display at the London Short Film Festival become the proving ground for a successful feature length, with directors needing to prove their worth here.

BFI London Film Festival 2017

Arguably the biggest, and best, film festival in the world, the BFI play host to the mega-movies, attended by the hottest names in cinema. Last year, UK Film Review attended many screenings, and were able to see many of the films that will be up for Oscars this year, including Nocturnal Animals, Lion, La La Land, and Arrival.

UK film festivals

During this year, we will be promoting more and more film festivals in the UK, so make sure you check back to read the film reviews and articles our talented writers post.


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