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The Batmobile from The Batman – Kingsway Tram Tunnel

UK Film Review was lucky enough to be invited to catch a very up-close glimpse of the latest iteration of one of the most iconic vehicles ever to hit the big screen. Hidden away underground, in a long-abandoned tram railway system, we ventured into a tunnel bathed in bright red lights, ominous (and fitting, given the location) score pounding from speakers above our heads, posters from the movie lining the walls until at the end sitting alone on a raised platform, we finally caught a glimpse of what we were here for, an exclusive look at the new Batmobile featured in Matt Reeves upcoming The Batman, as well as the new costumes of Batman and Catwoman. And what we saw was unlike anything we’d ever seen before.

At first glance, it might not look as formidable as say the Tumbler or as impressive as anything that has come before, but up close this Batmobile is still a beast, more stripped-back, old-school muscle car than gadget-filled all-in-one craft. The essence of this car throughout the years has become as much a part of Batman's identity as the suit, the voice and the gadgets. It needs to make a statement, to immediately strike fear into the hearts of those who dare to cross it, and this does.

Director Matt Reeves has talked previously about his influences for his upcoming take on the Dark Knight, but more specifically, his influences for this new Batmobile.

“The Batmobile has to make an appearance out of the shadows to intimidate, so I thought of it almost like Stephen King’s ‘Christine.’ I liked the idea of the car itself as a horror figure, making an animalistic appearance to really scare the hell out of the people Batman’s pursuing.”

And seeing this car in the flesh, it’s a comparison that is easy to see. We were asked politely not to touch the and of course didn't, but even the car itself, purposefully left mud-stained, rough and in it's own beautiful way, ugly, seems to give such an intimidating presence that you might not dare to anyway,

If everything else we’ve seen thus far in trailers and teasers wasn’t evidence enough, this car makes it even clearer that Reeves and Warner Bros. are doing everything they can with this film in an effort to give us something we’ve never seen before. In the hour that we had with this car we could clearly see the echoes of what seems to be the main ethos about this film, which is about bringing Batman back to basics, a raw and rugged barebones vehicle for a man still piecing together his new identity.

Will it work? On March 4th the truth will out one way or another the dust will settle. But if the movie is as exciting as the car is, this could be the start of something really special.

The Batman hits cinemas March 4th starring, Robert Pattinson, Zoe Kravitz, Paul Dano, Colin Farrell, Jeffrey Wright and Andy Serkis.

Watch the trailer here:


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