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The 2020 UK Film Review Virtual Film Festival

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If you are an avid reader of our movie magazine, you may have noticed a rather important announcement from our Editor-in-Chief Chris Olson regarding a special film event this year! That’s right, the UK Film Review Festival has been born and will debut on the UK Film Channel as a Virtual Film Festival this November. It’s our way of supporting the independent film industry during this tumultuous time of lockdown, by creating an event which showcases filmmakers from around the world which shouldn’t be affected by COVID-19.

UK Film Review Festival
UK Film Review Festival

We will also showcase pretty much every type of movie, from short films and indie movies, to documentaries and animation. We also have an LGBTQ+ category, and ones for Best Director and Best Performer (purposely non-gendered). As a Virtual Film Festival, we hope our event will also have a wider appeal to global audiences, plus those who require subtitles - something not really possible with most traditional film festivals. Filmmakers will be encouraged to virtually attend, much like they would for in-person events, and interact with audiences. We are hoping to host a series of Live Streaming Q&As and interviews. Plus pre-recorded workshops etc. Movie fans are encouraged to get involved and if you are interested in becoming a writer for the site, check out our Becoming a Film Critic page to find out more. Please ensure you have a passion for movie reviews, independent cinema, and light banter. Filmmakers looking to submit their film to the UK Film Review Film Festival 2020 can do so via our dedicated FilmFreeway page. If you have any questions, feel free to drop us a message via social media - we are fairly responsive. What is a Virtual Film Festival? Virtual Film Festivals are online movie events whereby viewers are able to attend screenings via a Video On Demand platform or similar. Many film festivals have gone virtual in recent years in order to reach bigger audiences, utilise newer technology such as LiveStreaming, and offer attendees a different kind of experience to an in-person film festival. What’s different about our film festival? Not only will the UK Film Review Festival be the first virtual film festival to take place on the UK Film Channel, we are also the only one who can provide a film review for EVERY film that enters! So whether you get officially selected or not, you still get something out of submitting your film. If you have already had your film reviewed by our movie critics, we will offer to promote your film further by conducting a free interview with one of your cast or crew, or promoting your trailer on social media. Click here to find out more about the UK Film Review Festival.


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