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Ted 2 - DVD and Blu-ray review

Directed by Seth MacFarlane

Starring Mark Wahlberg, Seth MacFarlane & Amanda Seyfried

DVD & Blu-ray review by Chris Olson

Everyone’s fourth favourite bear (after Paddington, Pooh and Yogi) is back for a comedy film sequel in which foul-mouthed teddy, Ted (Seth MacFarlane), and his Thunder-Buddy pal John (Mark Wahlberg) team up for another adventure. After marrying the woman of his dreams and planning on starting a family, Ted has his life pulled out from under him when the U.S. government decides to declare him, legally, “property” - meaning that not only can he not adopt a child, his marriage is annulled and he loses his job.

As far as civil rights films go, Ted 2 makes some very basic points and then undermines them with sperm gags and cock-shaped bongs. This is more of the same from MacFarlane, with enough F-bombs to sink a fleet of parent committees and crude, oh-no-he-didn’t-go-there topical comedy moments which dare to offend on every level, be warned: if you do not like Family Guy jokes, you won’t want to snuggle with Ted.

For audiences who enjoy comedy films that play fast and loose with the rules, on all levels, Ted 2 has quite a few gags which are enjoyable. A shelving unit of semen samples falling on Mark Wahlberg is something everyone should see, and the slapstick moments are well executed - like a guitar being thrown at Ted, or Amanda Seyfried coming face to face with Gollum.

Aside from the stoner script and the cheap laughs, MacFarlane’s film does achieve a little bit of originality through its movie, blending light hearted adventure with civil rights and offensive language - not to mention talking bears. It would be a struggle to find a film which had all these elements, and a swearing cuddly toy is definitely something lacking from critically acclaimed films like Selma (2014) and 12 Years a Slave (2012). That is not to say bunging a bag of ingredients together will automatically create a winner, but you have take your hat off to a filmmaker who manages to throw all this together and actually get a green light.

Pull out the stuffing and this film is made up of some pretty shoddy workmanship, but packaged together and kept on a shelf and away from children, Ted 2 has enough funny moments to enjoy until the novelty wears off and you realise the superfluousness of it all.

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