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Stranger Danger short film

Directed by Project Kay

Starring Sibani Khomo, Austin Paul, Thandolwethu Mhlathi, Ndumiso Njapha, Danniebelle Amos

Short Film Review by Rachel Pullen


Stranger Danger short film review

Smoking weed for some is a relaxing time, where they can wind down and forget about the world and its problems, but for those of you who live with people who don’t agree with such recreational drugs, this calming past time can turn into a bit of drama, i.e. you gotta take that joint outside my friend.

Stranger Danger is the story of four young men who must take their weed session away from the home due to the presence of one of the friend’s mother, on their trip to the park they pass an attractive woman standing alone on the corner and they all collectively begin to wonder what she is up to...

This short is broken up with some impressive camera work and musical interludes, this could be due to a lack of script, spreading out the time with some slow mo and panning shots, or it could be to create an atmosphere of urban life which this film portrays very well.

Project Kay allows camera work, colour and music to give the viewer a front row seat into the world of these young men, the environment is bold and wild, bustling yet inviting, we can really gain a sense of the community in which these friends live, helping to create a sense of character for each of the players without delving into any backstory.

Stranger Danger is simple in regards to a storyline, this is a very basic buddy picture, with the interest of a stranger’s activities and smoking some weed being the driving force behind it, and although this short does not really have much to draw in the viewer in regards to action, storyline and drama, it is a very visually stimulating piece to watch.

The actors all play their parts well; confident on screen we can be lost in the believability of the story and its surroundings; they all have a certain boyish charm to them which even those watching who don’t think smoking weed is a good idea, can’t help but like.

Light-hearted and competent, this short carries itself strongly in the world of weed smoking buddy pictures, and let’s face it, there certainly are a lot of them out there.



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