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Some New Bruises To Share (2020) Music Video Review


Directed by: #RakeshJaitly

Written by: #deafpony

Starring: #deafpony


“A birthday party for my old soul” – sounds like a pretty good gig to me!

The above whimsical lyric was conceived of by an eccentric Indie rock band from London, deafpony, from their 2020 single “Some New Bruises to Share”. On May 1st of the same year, the band premiered their one minute music video to accompany the short track. Directed by Rakesh Jaitly, a talented filmmaker who has been involved in the making of other music videos and short films, and produced by his affectionately named Red Rum Productions, this brief yet charming music video depicts the band having a rambunctious birthday party at a quaint country home.

A young man looks directly into camera with straight expression, wearing red nose and colourful clown wig against a beautiful countryside backdrop
deafpony - "Some New Bruises To Share" Music Video screenshot

The short film stars the three band members, who all display an infectious boyish exuberance as their party resorts to chaotic playfighting and cartoon level violence between them as they throw bananas, crisps and all kinds of party foods at each other. The entertaining charm comes from their clear deadpan humour and self-awareness through their play at serious expressions, which quickly dissolves into an action packed display of comical violence. It is a bizarre premise, but certainly endearing, especially when the bandmembers often break the fourth wall and interact with the camera.

The short is expertly directed and edited by Jaitly and is the stand out quality of the music video, along with the entertaining track itself. The film is energetically paced for the playfighting, but its strong opener is what really keeps engagement until the end. The setting of a party in the calm after the storm, or before as the sequence is reversed, is well established with a variety of long and extreme close up shots of red balloons, a torn birthday banner and the lads sat around a table. There is a serene, visceral quality to the opening with a slight shakiness to the frame, as we slowly zoom out from a clown and his mates, a series of distorted angles and sinister tone suddenly transitioning to vibrant chaos. The playfighting sequence is well stylised with instances of slow motion photography and well-paced, frantic energy.

Although brief, this short displays a clear talent for its eccentric subjects and the filmmaker behind the camera. “Some New Bruises To Share” is an original, fun music video with a playful charm and is vibrantly edited and directed with a self-aware quality that is hard not to be endeared to. This crazy party is definitely worth attending!


"Some New Bruises To Share" (2020) Music Video:


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