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Sensation film review


Directed by: Martin Grof

Written by: Martin Grof, Magdalena Drahovska

Starring: Eugene Simon, Emily Wyatt, Jennifer Martin, Alastair G. Cumming

Poster for Sensation showing animation.
Poster for Sensation

A group of individuals with unique abilities are assembled by a mysterious organization and go through training in order to learn how to control their skills.

Andrew (Simon) is a postman who shares his DNA with a secretive agency, hoping to find out more about his past. The agency discovers that he has special capabilities: his senses are considerably more effective than other people. He ends up being taken to an isolated mansion, which is actually a research facility. There he meets several other people, who possess the same competences as him. Under the supervision two mysterious individuals, Nadia (Wyatt) and May (Martin), they will attempt to understand their powers and utilize them. As the training progresses, Andrew finds it increasingly difficult to separate reality from unreality.

This is a suspenseful science-fiction thriller that blends what is real with what is not. The plot might make people think of Total Recall, as it deals with a man trying to find out information about his past and the training that he and the others go through resembles The Matrix, as it involves their minds entering imaginary settings.

The pace might be a bit slow, however the plot is interesting enough: people who have strengthened sensations attempt to control them, with the help of a secretive organization. It is intruiging wanting to find out how they got their abilities, and whether the members of the organization have more sinister purposes. Most of the action takes place at the research facility, with Andrew and the others going through the training program. The focus is mainly on Andrew, as he experiences visions and struggles to keep his grip on reality.

As the protagonist, Simon does a convincing job as a young man, who unwillingly finds himself in deep water. Wyatt and Martin have good roles as intelligent individuals who might be more than what they claim to be. Cumming offers significant support as Dr. Marinus, who knows a great deal about the special abilities.

Grof directs very well and creates wonderful aerial shots and bird's-eye view shots. Another highlight is the work of composer Neil Myers. The music is intense, ominous and captivating and it accompanies the atmosphere well. Praise also goes to the well-constructed opening credits.

Sensation is not very thrilling, with an ending that might be a disappointment to some. But it is a decent sci-fi movie, with interesting characters and a script that develops suspense.

Sensation will be available on Digital Download from 16th April




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